Thursday, August 17, 2006

Are They Finally Sobering Up?

You have to wonder what universe the bobbleheads live in that it's taken them nearly six years to come to the conclusion that those of us in the realty based community came to years ago:

Yes, you read that right. That's "Is Bush an Idiot" on the screen of Scarborough Country. Joe Scarborough, right-wing former US Representative who thinks the right is great, is finally asking if Bush is an Idiot. Well, duh, Joe.

But this is important. This isn't the New York Times asking this. It's Joe "Mr. Right" Scarborough, talking head pundit and blatherfest blowhard supreme wondering what we've all been saying for years. That's significant.

So is this from CNN's Jack Cafferty:

The judge said the president is violating the first amendment, the fourth amendment and the foreign intelligence surveillance act, FISA, passed by congress in 1978, specifically to reduce this kind of abuse of power. That's why the FISA court was created in the first place.

What does this mean? It means President Bush violated his oath of office, among other things when he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It means he's been lying to us, when he tells us there's nothing illegal he's been doing.

And a 75-year-old black female judge in Michigan has finally stepped in and done the job that Congress is supposed to do, namely oversight of the executive branch over government.

But the Congress is controlled by Republicans and they are controlled by the president and they'd have done nothing in the way of oversight.

I hope it means the arrogant inner circle at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may finally have to start answering to the people who own that address, that would be us, about how we conduct our country's affairs."

Jack Cafferty. CNN. President Bush violated his oath of office.

Could our long national nightmare really be coming to an end with people starting to sober up after their 9-11 hysteria finally realizing that the smirk wasn't confidence, but a realization that he was pulling a fast one on the American people.

What's that Mr. President? A terrorism plot? Raise the terror warning alert to Elmo quick like your poll numbers and Republican election hopes in November depended on it!