Friday, February 10, 2006

No Stopping Cegelis Supporters

I was out running some errands last night; had to get my wife a birthday present so she wouldn't feel neglected. No guilt there. As I was driving on my way to get said birthday present, I come to a four-way stop at a busy intersection. On one corner of the intersection I see a house with a bunch of signs for the Republican candidate for IL-06 in the yard. Two or three signs lined both sides of the property facing both ways along the intersection. "Oh brother, how many signs in their yard does one person need!" I though.

But as I drove through the intersection I notice the neighbor's yard. Standing tall, if not a bit beat up, was one big-ol' home-made Cegelis sign in the front yard. It was both humorous and inspiring. White board with letters in marker and electrical tape. There, all alone in its yard, stood this testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Cegelis campaign exemplified in this one anonymous supporter's front yard.

Inspired, I quickly pulled into the driveway of this Cegelis sign's owner. I have some signs, bumper stickers and rally signs in the trunk. I continue to admire the handiwork on the sign as I stroll past it and go up the porch steps to ring the door bell. After a pause, a very surprised looking middle aged man stands shocked in his doorway at the sight of a another middle-aged guy standing on his porch holding a bunch of Cegelis gear.

We make introductions and he proceeds to tell me that his Cegelis sign was stolen. Twice. So he got tired of not being able to show his support to his neighbors and just went and made his own sign. An inspiring and not so subtle protest to the signs in his neighbor's yard.

I invited him to Christine's Saturday event, gave him a bumper sticker for each of the three cars in his driveway, two rally signs for his windows that faced the street, and a couple of yard signs to replace the ones stolen. We shook hands, and I departed his porch, both of us grinning from ear to ear.

The people who swiped his signs succeeded in making this one Cegelis supporter and his family more devoted to the campaign. And thanks to his hand-made sign, a Cegelis supporter well stocked with Cegelis gear.