Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cegelis on Campaign Changes

Christine has a post up on her blog regarding changes in her staff this week:
This is how I feel about Pat Mogge. He was there at the beginning for me. He fought along side me, encouraged me, supported me, and as my campaign manager helped me build a campaign from the ground up. I will always view him fondly as I would one of my own sons.

But as the saying goes, nothing is constant but change, and Pat and I have decided together to part ways. His leaving the campaign is bittersweet for me, as I hate to see such a good friend who has been there and dedicated so much to my campaign, and to me personally, leave my side.


Now the campaign will be run by Kevin Spidel, who will be taking over formally this Friday. I'm excited at the array of skills and experience he brings to the campaign, and look forward to introducing you to him at upcoming campaign events...

These are exciting and encouraging times for my campaign. While I will miss Pat's steady guidance, I look forward to what Kevin's grassroots and field direction experience will bring to my campaign. I'm sure you'll hear from him here directly as he settles into his new role, and hope you will join with me in welcoming Kevin into the Cegelis family.

There's bio information on Kevin in the post as well. Very impressive stuff.

I will miss Pat too. He is a great guy who I've gotten to know better at recent campaign events. I'm sure he'll have a bright future in Illinois politics.