Monday, January 16, 2006

Robo Poll Mispronounces "Cegelis"

From Austin Mayor's first hand account we learn of another suspicious poll in the works:
Tonight I received a robocall from the DCCC-funded 6th District campaign regarding the Democratic primary. The first question asked whether I was in the military or a military veteran. Press "1" for "yes." And the second question was, "Who would you vote for if the primary was held today?"

The machine then listed the three Democratic candidates for Congress -- and completely mispronounced Christine Cegelis' last name.

Now I grant that "Cegelis" is not a common name, but it took me about two seconds on Google to find out how to say it correctly.

I wonder how long it will be until another error prone poll is leaked challenging Cegelis strength - her support in the community. Don't they get that Cegelis' support comes from the community in which they are calling? Didn't they realize that such a robo-call stood a good chance of calling one of her supporters - in this case a prominent Illinois blogger who documented it?

Cegelis' community support is real. Don't let this old-school corrupt political tactic stand. Volunteer or contribute to the Cegelis campaign today.