Thursday, January 19, 2006

IL-06 Candidate Forums: Elk Grove

Tonight the Elk Grove township Dems had their candidate forum. My friend who attended the event reports that this forum was much more low key and informal an affair than Addison's earlier in the week. The moderator asked the questions with Scott and Cegelis taking turns to answer. Everyone was smiling, friendly, yet asking serious questions. Nothing new in the issues area, but good substance and questions. My friend thought this was the best forum yet with the best substance in both questions and answers. Then came the candidate Q&A session and this question:
Could I just ask: Was Tammy Duckworth invited tonight?

The moderator answered:
Either she of someone from her campaign declined our invitation with no reason given.

My friend said this drew chuckles from the crowd. Seriously, this is becoming a pattern.