Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cegelis & Scott Show Up

From Jeff Berkowitz' blog, we learn of the upcoming broadcast:
"Public Affairs," with Democratic 6th CD Primary Candidates IT Consultant and 2004 6th CD Democratic Nominee Christine Cegelis [D-Rolling Meadows] and Wheaton College Professor Lindy Scott [D-Wheaton] is airing this week in 34 Chicago metro suburbs on Comcast Cable


Christine Cegelis and Professor Lindy Scott, 6th CD Democratic Primary Candidates, debate and discuss with Show Host and Executive Legal Recruiter Jeff Berkowitz various domestic, foreign and social policy issues, including immigration, spending, taxes, the War, diplomacy, Guns, Abortion, Major Duckworth, religion, airports, jobs and much more.


Public Affairs invited the three 6th CD Democratic Primary candidates to participate in this show. Candidates Christine Cegelis [D-Rolling Meadows] and Professor Lindy Scott [D-Wheaton] accepted, and Candidate Major L. Tammy Duckworth [D-Hoffman Estates] indicated she could not attend, but might do so later in the primary campaign season.

For show times, click the link.

UPDATE: Just heard from a friend who was at the Addison Township Dems forum tonight. Duckworth went first because she had a prior commitment and had to leave early. Lindy Scott, who went last, said (paraphrase):

"Who can beat Roskam? You have to look at each of us and go to the forums and see each of us, if all three of the candidates are there. For instance, take Tammy Duckworth. Unfortunately I have to say this without her present as she's already left because she's a fine intelligent strong woman, but she doesn't live in the district, she's not from the district, she doesn't know the district, and she says she won't move into the district even if she's elected. Now that might not be a big deal, but do you think Roskam is ever going to let that drop? He's going to pounce on it and pound on it and pound on it and pound on it."

You know how much people in DuPage county and the district hate to have somebody in Cook County telling them what they should do - whether it's Rahm Emanuel or Barack Obama or anybody else.

Later during the Q&A, came this commen during a question to Cegelis:

Well, we know you weren't going anywhere because even two days after your loss in the last election, there you were, you showed up at our meeting (Addison Township Democrats) just like always.

And I decided at the last minute not to go. Damn.