Monday, January 23, 2006

Big Dog's Cegelis Finance Post

From Big Dog in the comments on my Driving Christine: Part II post:
Here's a constructive suggestion: Since the biggest hit your Candidate has ever taken was on the issue of fundraising, how about concentrating your posts on dispelling that 'myth',assuming it is one?

Below I'll quickly post some information taken from the constructive critism:

I'm not going to go off and say fundraising isn't an issue. It is. But the Cegelis campaign is a different kind of campaign funded by small donors giving $20 and their weekends in volunteer service. But it seems the die hards don't see this as the winning strategy us true believer do. So here's a comparison for you.

I had emailed back and forth with Archpundit - the Illinois version of Kos - and he suggested I should get a true comparison of numbers instead of comparing Cegelis to incumbents running for Congress. So I looked at Melissa Bean's numbers from for the same quarter - Q3 2003 - the year prior to the general, as I did for Cegelis':
Cegelis Q3 2005: $52.1K
Bean Q3 2003: $38.3K

Cash on hand:
Cegelis Q3 2005: $48.9K
Bean Q3 2003: $33.6K

Cash on hand minus debts:
Cegelis Q3 2005: $9.8K
Bean Q3 2003: $20.8K

So essentially, both candidates by conventional wisdom are struggling financially. What changed for Bean? DCCC support. What will change for Cegelis? Continued undermining of her campaign by the DCCC or a grassroots push to level the playing field for Cegelis?

As far as expenses, here's what I wrote previously:
Average of All Dem Expenditures = $69.03
Average w/o Guiterrez = $75.05
Cegelis = $46.4
Roskam = $105.9
The biggest spending Democrat was Rahm Emanuel: $146.5K

So of course the fundraising isn't what I'm sure the campaign would like to see. But it's also not as bad as Cegelis' opponents would have you think, especially in light of the fact that Melissa Bean was in not much of a different situation and she wasn't going against the DCCC and the entire Beltway Democratic party bosses.

I doubt this is going to satisfy you Big Dog, but it's the best a guy on a blog can do right now. The only way we are going to reclaim our government is to stop focusing solely on the bottom line and support quality local candidates like Cegelis who are from the district, raised kids in the district, worked and started a business in the district, worked with the major employers in the district, know the district and its issues first hand, and will be beholden to no one but the people who wrote $20 checks and volunteered for their campaign.

In my district, that's Christine Cegelis. She's one of us. Instead of jumping on the "negative fundraising" talking point, help me to reclaim my district for a true progressive Democrat, and volunteer or donate to her campaign today.