Friday, December 23, 2005

The Primary to Focus On This Year: IL-06

Ya, I'm on vacation and all that... Chris Bowers at MyDD outlines why the DCCC's decision to support Duckworth is a bad idea:
I think that the DCCC supporting Duckworth against Cegalis is a truly horrendous move on their part, and I honestly believe that in response the netroots should fight back by supporting Cegalis in the primary in any way possible. I have three basic reasons why I think the DCCC's move to support Duckworth is awful:
1. It is an incredible waste of resources. [...] However much the DCCC is spending to help Duckworth, it is an utterly unjustified diversion of resources away from challenging incumbent Republicans and toward challenging other Democrats.

2. It is a repeat of our losing 2004 strategy. [...] In other words, not only do I not believe that Duckworth being a veteran is much of a bonus to her candidacy, I am actually horrified that we think we could win in 2006 using the same theory we had in 2004. If we are still deluding ourselves into thinking that someone will win because s/he is a veteran, then we didn't learn anything from the past. Are we really so uncritical of our past performances, and are we really doing so little to come up with new ways to run campaigns, that we are just going to use the same strategies from losing campaigns again and again? The lack of vision here is truly disturbing.

3. It takes the base for granted. [...] In 2004, we did indeed transfer our new movement to the establishment, and I have a feeling that set a really bad precedent. I believe that many in the establishment came to believe that they could pick whatever candidate they wanted to run, and we would fall in line behind that candidate, causing the money, the activism, and the new alternative media to flow to whoever they wanted. However, in this race it can be different. If the netroots supported candidate can actually defeat the establishment chosen candidate, it will force the establishment to stop taking the base for granted. If we can defeat the establishment in at least one location, it would force them to actually negotiate with us in the future. This could help bring an end to bossed primaries. This could help the netroots to have a real say in the messaging and direction of the party. If Cegalis can win, then they will have to start actually coming to us and asking us what we think before they decide to waste our resources and use other bad strategies in both primary and general elections. The ice is already slightly cracking on their willingness to listen to us: a big primary victory like this could cause it to shatter.

So that is my case. I think for the DCCC to support Duckworth is a waste of resources, is a bad electoral strategy, and takes the activist base for granted. I also think that helping Cegalis win would greatly enhance the bargaining power of the netroots within the party. I honestly believe that if there is one primary we should focus on this year, it is the IL-06. Here is a link to her website. Please support her.

I agree completely. Donate to Cegelis here.