Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dem Vets Running Are Cowards

This is rich. Take a glimpse into the mind of an angry Republican:
That the reason why [Duckworth] (and other Iraq veterans) are running as Democrats, is because the Republican veterans re-enlisted. But, of course no one is lending an ear to the brave people who go back in because they believe in protecting our country. Have you heard any stories about the people who go back to fight? Of course not, but there's many who have a story to tell. Trust me, it shouldn't be a surprise that there are more Democrat Iraq veterans running for office than there are Republicans, for the very reason I wrote above. Republicans believe in this war, and keep gonig back to fight it. Democrats are cowarding over here, trying to buy votes with the "I hate Bush" mantra. However, it is always amuzing, if not irritating, to see the media focus on any "anti-Bush" B.S. than the good news of the war.

This coming from another yellow elephant that thinks women shouldn't serve in combat and credits her time in the Civil Air Patrol as credibility on serving the country. I've been pretty critical of Duckworth, but calling someone who lost her legs in Iraq less than brave for running for office would be hilarious if it wasn't for the complete absurdity of the statement.

If Republicans believe in this war against a country that didn't attack us so much, then they should go and fight it. If Angry Republican Mom supports the war so much, maybe she should enlist her kids so they can get their legs blow off for their country like Duckworth did. And maybe someone could tell her that her soft-core picture of her and her weapon once again highlight the hypocrisy of the Republican Party being the party of morality.