Monday, December 12, 2005

Cegelis Outfiles Roskam

Roskam may have more money, but he's got fewer signatures. From the Cegelis campaign:
Today my campaign filed 3,817 signatures in Springfield, making me an official candidate in the race to take back District 6. Each and every one of those signatures is a show of support from the residents of our community. I want to thank all of you who signed on to my candidacy, and I want to thank my valued grassroots support network for getting out there and finding the signatures that brought me to a total that was 5 times the number needed. Peter Roskam, my likely Republican opponent, brought in 1,076 fewer signatures. We like that winning percentage!
Who do you suppose was Roskam's first signature? From the Roskam campaign:
The very first signature we filed was from "Henry J. Hyde." It is very humbling to have Congressman Henry Hyde sign a petition for me to succeed him in Congress.
If that isn't reason enough to donate to Cegelis, I don't know what is. Now all she needs to get 4,000 donations. At $25 a donation, that would make a quick $100K to support her campaign. Donate here.