Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blogging for Duckworth from DCCC HQ

What's it going to take to get the Blogosphere to realize that Duckworth's campaign is being run by Emanuel and the Beltway Boys from DCCC headquarters in DC? From Rick Klau's tins:
And then there was this comment left earlier today by “Lisa”, who says she lives in Melissa Bean’s district and lays out why she thinks Duckworth is the right candidate. Interestingly, the IP address associated with Lisa’s computer is owned by the Democratic National Committee headquarters:
OrgName: Democratic National Headquarters
Address: 430 S. Capitol St. SE - 2nd Floor
City: Washington
StateProv: DC
PostalCode: 20003
Country: US

Update: The DCCC is located on the 2nd floor of the building, so it’s entirely likely that this comment is from the DCCC and not the DNC...

First we hear about a fundraiser for Duckworth at the Hilton Towers in Chicago before Duckworth had even announced or been released from service. Then we hear of a bunch of "volunteers" throwing down the gauntlet to get signatures for her a train station in Cook County before heading off to Oak Park. Now we have concerned citizens from adjacent districts blogging from computer that happen to be right in the DNC (more likely DCCC) headquarter! What's next, Astroturf in the LTE section of the local papers? If Duckworth has all this support from the District, why again is the DCCC so involved in her campaign?

Here's the original comment:
I actually live in Melissa Bean's district, not in Hyde's district. But I know how hard it is to win in a Republican district. Bean won because Crane was old and inept. This time, the republican is going to be Peter Roskam, a "fresh face" who will not be painted as a bumbling fool.

Melissa Bean attracted Republican voters because of Crane. We can't use the same strategy in the 6th CD. Instead, we need to appeal to Republican voters because of the strength of our Democratic candidate.

This is why I think Duckworth is a good choice. She served in Iraq and can tell it straight about the war. She'll bring credibility on national security and defense issues, which is where Republicans always beat us. She's got an interesting personal story, which, face it, is important when you're facing the voters.

The bottom line is this - to win this district, we need a big majority of the independents and a number of Republicans. I think Duckworth gives us the best chance to do that.

Besides the fact this comment is bogus, since "Lisa" seems to be blogging from DC, not Illinois, the whole argument she's making is typical DLC crap. To win this district we need to mobilize the Democratic base to turn out every Democrat in the district. We also need the independents as well. And since both the base and Independents are strongly against the war in Iraq, and Cegelis has been against the war from the beginning, Cegelis is the candidate positioned to beat Roskam up and down with his support of the war and Bush's failed policies!

A centrist "DLC type" candidate who says things like "there is good and bad in everything" like Duckworth has, is going to get hammered. As Dean says, when given a choice between a Republican and a Republican-lite, the Republican will always win.

So "Lisa" or who ever you are in DC, try spending some time in my district so you'll know what you're talking about and can stop trolling the Duckworth and Cegelis posts.