Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another Reason to Support Cegelis

One of the key reasons many Democrats in IL-06 were empowered by Cegelis was her position on the Iraq war. Cegelis was against the war before it was popular to take this position; back when Republicans called such positions crazy and unpatriotic. Yet Cegelis stood for something that was politically risky at the time, giving Democrats a campaign to rally around.

Take such a clear position on the war from the start is a huge advantage for Cegelis. This is in clear contrast to Roskam, who has been an ardent supporter of the Iraq War and Bush's 'war on terra' since the beginning. Through this issue, Roskam can be tied to Bush, DeLay, and the DC Republican establishment that people are increasingly becoming jaded with.

This is also another reason why I feel Duckworth is the wrong candidate for this district. Although she must remain mum on Iraq, her DLC backers tip her position. As do quotes like this:
It's unclear what Duckworth would say about the Iraq war. When I asked her, she would not declare the war right or wrong: "There is good and bad in everything.

Taking a middle position on the Iraq war is a sure way to take a powerful issue off the table in the General against Roskam. Especially when Iraq looks to be a key issue in 2006:
The war in Iraq is by far the biggest reason Americans volunteer for disapproving of the job Bush is doing as president - it is the answer given by more than half who disapprove. Smaller numbers say that the President is doing a bad job generally, that he is dishonest, or mention his positions on other domestic issues.

WHY DISAPPROVE OF BUSH'S JOB? (Asked of those who disapprove of Bush's job)
53% Iraq war
8% Doing a bad job generally
8% Dishonest
6% Other domestic issues
5% Other personal qualities
4% Economy/jobs

We need Democrats who can clearly contrast with their Republican opponents in 2006. Running a DLC style centrist when the public opinion on the war has turned so negative would be a mistake. It would once again lead to more confusion about what Democrats stand for. And it would remove a powerful issue from the debate in IL-06.