Saturday, November 26, 2005

What Was Not a Lie

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Why aren't there a slew of Democratic Senators, Representatives, party officials and pundits lined up 10 deep on every Sunday bobble head show screaming "what was not a lie?" If a Democratic administration had done one-tenth the transgressions the Bush administration has Republicans would be so besides themselves with outrage that there would be two of every Ann Coulter out there, head exploding on every cable news shows, from the injustice of it all. Why can't Democrats just follow the playbook outlined in Frank Rich's column to appear tomorrow in the NYT:
What these revelations also tell us is that Bush was wrong when he said in his Veterans Day speech that more than 100 congressional Democrats who voted for the Iraqi war resolution "had access to the same intelligence" he did. They didn't have access to the President's Daily Brief that Waas uncovered. They didn't have access to the information that German intelligence officials spoke about to The Los Angeles Times. Nor did they have access to material from a Defense Intelligence Agency report, released by Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan this month, which as early as February 2002 demolished the reliability of another major source that the administration had persistently used for its false claims about Iraqi-Qaida collaboration.

There. Was that so hard? Someone in the Democratic ranks please step up to the plate before my head explodes.