Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spineless Dems Listen Up

Hey all you Democrats who refused to call Bush on his lies, were afraid to stand up for traditional Democratic values, and even stood with the President: Here's what's coming:
St. Paul voters punished Mayor Randy Kelly on Tuesday for standing with President Bush a year ago, denying the Democrat a second term in Minnesota's capital city.

Former City Council member Chris Coleman, also a Democrat, routed Kelly by a more than 2-to-1 margin in unofficial returns with most precincts reporting. Ahead of the election, independent polls showed voters were primed to fire Kelly, and most cited his 2004 endorsement of the Republican president as the reason.

No sitting St. Paul mayor had lost a campaign since 1974. Kelly had a personal election streak that spanned just as long, covering his quarter-century in the Legislature and first term as mayor.

"It may sound silly, but Kelly was for Bush and I'm not,'' said retiree Audrey Guith after casting her vote for Coleman.

It's been said before, but voters like candidates who stand for something. If you are afraid to stand for it and instead stand next to Bush, you'll be looking for another job. I'd expect many Democrats (and Republicans) in office will suddenly, publicly, and quite miraculously, come to the realization that their decision to vote for the Iraqi War Resolution was indeed a mistake.

Waiter, clear a few tables and put some crow on the grill.