Thursday, November 03, 2005

IL-06: Show Roskam the Money

So where are candidates for Illinois District 6 getting their money for their Congressional runs? Hiram has the goods:
Almost half (49%) of Peter Roskam's itemized donations are $1,000 or above. By comparison, more than half (52%) of Christine Cegelis' itemized donations for the same time period were $300 and under. [Lindy Scott has relatively recently entered the race and doesn't yet report any itemized donations.] While 64% of Peter Roskam's donation money coming from individual donors was at the required reporting level, only 34% of Christine Cegelis' was, which is why Cegelis' average donation is under $130. Peter Roskam's average donations are likely much higher - much higher than most people in District 6 can afford.

This is just a really small part of a great and very complete post by Hiram. Go read. Be shocked to find Roskam has ties to DeLay, GOP insiders connections, is running to the right of Hyde, and gets his money from a small number of big contributors.

I'm agast in shock.