Saturday, November 19, 2005

IL-06: Roskam Challenged

With sinking poll numbers for Bush and the Republicans, and the dissatisfaction with the Conservative Republican agenda they represent, it seems some Republicans aren't content to let a hard core Conservative Republican like Roskam represent their party in the IL-06 race:
A real estate developer and Glen Ellyn School District 41 board president said Friday he is taking steps to challenge state Sen. Peter Roskam in the Republican primary for the congressional seat long held by retiring U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde.

John Vivoda, 47, said he is disappointed and frustrated with the way GOP leaders have rallied around Roskam, a Wheaton attorney, whom he described as too partisan and conservative and "way, way outside of what I think the district needs."
Moderate Republicans seem to be finally realizing that their party has been hijacked by the Conservative Right wing of their party.
Vivoda said he is building an organization to support his run and collecting signatures to get on the ballot by the Dec. 19 filing deadline. He doesn't expect to get the support of the district's traditional Republican leadership, who he says "winked and nodded at George Ryan forever.

"There should be some choice, some contest on the Republican side rather than an anointing by all the same cast of characters," Vivoda said.

So what do the Republicans in control think of anyone challenging former DeLay aide and ultra-conservative Peter Roskam:
Patrick Durante, Addison Township GOP chairman and a longtime Hyde aide, said it was "infuriating" that Vivoda was looking to run as a Republican without contacting local GOP leaders in the district. He labeled Vivoda "a spoiler" who would force Roskam to spend money in the primary and hurt the GOP in the general election.

"It's selfishness. It's self-aggrandizement," Durante said. "The guy's going to get blown out."

WHAT! Vivoda didn't ask permission of the party bosses to run for office! The nerve of the guy thinking in a Democratically based society just anyone could run for office! The nerve.

This is good news for Democrats Cegelis and Scott. Roskam was set to run un-opposed in his primary allowing him to sit on his cash and not having to talk about the Iraq War and Bush's conservative agenda that he supports whole heartedly. Now he'll have to go on record in the run up to the general election supporting many of the positions that are getting Bush's approval numbers stomped.

Pass the popcorn.