Monday, November 14, 2005

The Good and Bad of Things.

Lynn Sweet has an article today in the Sun Times today in which she asks Iraq War vet and DCCC recruit, Tammy Duckworth, what her take on the Iraq war is from a veteran's perspective:
It's unclear what Duckworth would say about the Iraq war. When I asked her, she would not declare the war right or wrong: "There is good and bad in everything."

That sure is inspiring. A nice middle of the road vanilla non-answer. So over 2,000 dead US service men and women, 15,000 plus injured, tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians killed, $200+ billion dollars drained from the US treasury, and the very real possiblity that the war is based on trumped up intellegence cherry picked by Bush and his Republican administration - and there's good in this?

With the support for the war falling fast, and DuPage having an active and organized anti-war effort, this type of talk is going to lose the Independents and Democratic base needed to win the district. The potential DCCC backed candidate looks to be positioning herself, in typical DLC fashion, to throw away a key issue she could contrast herself to Roskam with and hammer the Republican on his support for this unpopular war. Yet this is a better candidate?

Come one. See this for what this is. Even Sweet gets it:
Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who chairs the House Democratic political operation, is recruiting Hoffman Estates resident Army Maj. Ladda "Tammy" Duckworth, who lost her legs in Iraq, to run for Congress, undermining a bid by Democrat Christine Cegelis.

Rahm is trying to undermine Cegelis because she's not a typical DLC middle of the road war hawk. Emanuel is so concerned with not looking weak, that he is recruiting a candidate who thinks there is good in the Iraq War.

I don't see the good in that.