Saturday, November 12, 2005

Four Simple Suggestions for Bloggers

In Paul Rosenburg's diary "How To Run The Table In 2006--And Beyond," Paul proposes some excellent suggestions on how Democrats can focus the country's attention on the problems caused by Bush and the Republican party, and present the Democratic Party as the party of needed change leading to the realignment Chris has spoken of.

While Paul's suggestions are great, I'm not a Democratic Party staffer or policy maker. I'm a blogger. So I took Paul and Chris' ideas and riffed off of them to come up with four simple sugestions bloggers can help the Republican's assume responsibility for the mess they've created.

The name "Bush," not "Republicans," often gets much of the blame directly in the Blogsphere. We must help everyone remember that Bush is a REPUBLICAN president and can't do much with out his friends in the REPUBLICAN controlled congress. So here are my suggestions for bloggers:
1. When referring to Bush, always include the word "Republican" in close proximity to his name as in "Bush and his Republican Culture of Corruption..."

2. When referring to Congress, remember to remind readers that the Legislative Branch is Republican controlled. For example: "Legislators in the Republican controlled Congress today proposed legislation that would cut veteran benefits..."

3. When writing about Bush or Republican leaders like Frist, always include the word "Republican" in association with them. For example, instead of "Majority Leader Bill Frist" use "Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist."

4. When referring to the Republican Party, always start with the words "Republican Party" rather than "GOP." To the less politically aware, the lack of awareness that "GOP" is the Republican Party may be to the Republican's advantage.

All of this is completely obvious to those of us in the Blogosphere, but to those not politically aware the word "Republican" can and should be directly associated with scandal, corruption, and lies. Maybe through simple association, over time we can give the word "Republican" a negative association just as the Right has done to the word "Liberal." At the very least, by simply using the word "Republican" in our work work more, we may help the Republicans more effectively tarnish their party's reputation.