Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Damn History: Thanksgiving 2003

Many people who read this blog or my posts elsewhere in the Blogosphere often jump to the conclusion that because I have a blog named "Damn Liberals" I'm a far left Liberal on the fringe of the party. I'm not. I definitely lean left, but I'm closer to the center than any hard core card carrying liberal would probably like. Just as Howard Dean sparked my political awareness, I'd probably say I'm closest to his views on most subjects. This isn't about drinking the Dean Kool-Aide as much as it is about Dean being a remarkable match to my own views, hence my support of his campaign.

So it was that back in 2003 I found myself, just as I will be tomorrow, at my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. I have great respect for both my mother and father in law, and look forward to what I consider to be some of the finest turkey I've ever had every year thanks to my mother in-law's cooking. But they are very conservative. Fox News watching, Bill O'Reily loving, Anne Colter book buying, love their guns type Conservatives. Needless to say my political awakening and support for Howard Dean was not viewed positively.

The year previous my wife and I put a Gore sign up in our yard the week before the election. That was a big deal for me then. Much to our dismay, my father in-law happen to stop by that week. He was less than amused. At one point, he threatened to disown my wife whom I had corrupted. At first we thought he was kidding. It became painfully clear when he left quickly that he wasn't kidding.

So it's 2003 and Dean is picking up steam and gathering all sorts of press. Iraq is in full swing. The war on terra is the dinner topic of choice. Luckily my niece and her husband had a seat available at one of the multiple tables arranged in the basement to accommodate the overflow crowd of nieces and nephews and assorted dogs that had come to visit at Grandma's. As we started to talk, in very guarded language, we came to find out that thank goodness there were two other sane people in the room who though Bush was terrible, the war was a bad idea, and the Right Wing was out to take America back to the 1950's.

In our joy of discovery we forgot that we were in a den of lions, and allowed ourselves to speak at normal party tones. Then there was a hush. In stolen glances we notices that we, and our conversation, was getting some attention and the usual banter about how Al Gore wanted to take away their guns and Clinton was Satan had quieted a bit. The secret was out. We were... (DA DA DUMMMM) Liberals.

For the rest of the evening every so often the hushed conversations of the now aggrieved Conservatives would rise in volume to be triumphantly ended with a glance our way and the muttering under the breath of "Damn Liberals." This of course would come with the associated nods of approval from those holding court, and we would then rise and go get some more pie. Just because they are Conservative doesn't mean they can't bake.

Since this date my father in-law has pulled my wife aside an told her, quite seriously, that he was concerned about her. He gave her Ann Coulter's book, Treason, and asked her to promise him she'd read it. We both made it through the fist chapter then had to stop as it was just that ridiculous and hate filled. So we gave him Krugman's "The Great Unraveling" for a Christmas gift. Don't know if he read it though. After all, the New York Times is the Mecca of Liberalism you know.

So when I started my own blog, the thought of using the title Damn Liberals was just a natural. Anything I said, anything I would write, any source I would quote would automatically be deemed "Liberal" by my Conservative in-laws. So I figured that I might as well just run with that thought and blog my Liberal head off.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for reading, putting up with my typos, and linking to my posts.