Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tax "Reform"

Guess who gets the better end of the stick from the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform? I'll give you a hint: It's the "have mores." Kevin Drum has a chart attempting to figure out just what the report that saw a stealth release today means. Here's my favorite "tax reform:"
- No deduction would be allowed for state and local income and property taxes.
- Hurts anyone who deducts state taxes, but especially hurts residents of high-tax blue states like California and New York.

And counties like DuPage. This would cost me a bundle. Great reform. Way to give me tax relief. Raise my taxes! Great idea guys. What's next? Federal Tax Reform by abolishing the home mortgage deduction next?

Oh ya. That's on the list too. Gotta love Republicans. The party of bigger government, less freedom and higher taxes! All served up with a Culture of Corruption to boot!