Thursday, October 27, 2005

Starve the Beast

Now that the Republicans in control of both houses of Congress have seen Bush's poll numbers dropping like a stone, and realized that Conservatives aren't all that pleased either with the "spend like a drunken sailor" fiscal policy, it seems suddenly the GOP leaders up on the hill finally realized they've racked up the biggest budget deficit in the history of the country. So much for fiscal responsibility from the Republicans.

So what are Bush and the boyz going to do to bring down that deficit now that the party is over and the hangover for the American worker is about to set in? Repeal Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy? Bring back the estate tax on millionaires? Raise the Social Security contribution caps so those most able to pay into the system do so?

Silly children. That's not the Republicans way. Everyone knows the GOP cuts spending by cutting those nasty social programs that benefit those poor people sucking our government dry. Haven't you learned anything yet:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Republicans voted to cut student loan subsidies, child support enforcement and aid to firms hurt by unfair trade practices as various committees scrambled to piece together $50 billion in budget cuts.

More politically difficult votes -- to cut Medicaid, food stamps and farm subsidies -- are on tap Thursday as more panels weigh in on the bill.


"I encourage Congress to push the envelope when it comes to cutting spending," Bush said.

Push that envelope you Republican pachyderms! Still don't get it boys and girls? Follow along with me now:

The GOP, with a majority in both houses of Congress, is able to cut funding for child support enforcement, driving more single parent families into government programs, which though a pincer movement, they simultaneously cut. Then they reduce or get rid of Medicare and food stamps for these drains on the federal budget, which knocks a few off to attrition and death a bit earlier than the standard actuarial tables predict. This saves more money, as there are then fewer of the social leaches and Welfare Queens on the government dole. Those who do survive will now be excluded from going to college as there is no way they will be able to afford it, what with working two jobs to pay their rent and buy their cat food to eat on their lunch break at the local Wal-Mart. Brilliant!

Actually, what better way to cut social programs than to argue that we have to pay for hurricane relief. After all, Bush's buddy Brownie did such a great job handling Katrina, that Bush had to play Santa to even try to save face in in any state touches the gulf coast. Obviously we can't cut defense spending. Then the terrorists might blow up a Wal-Mart in Des Moines killing the poor schlep eating his cat food on his lunch break. Everyone knows Osama has it in for Wal-Mart.

No, boys and girls. All that is left to cut are those pesky New Deal relics that provide a safety net for those poor bastards who have developed a taste for living in doors and working for a meaningful wage. The beast of a government has grown far too large feeding these leaches, and no one has the guts to end the gravy train. Until now. Now Bush has an excuse to starve the beast. We have a war to pay for. Endless promises of hurricane relief to pay for. And a huge budget deficit to service. Who cares how it got there, who created it, and who ran the "spend like a drunken sailor" fiscal policy. 9-11 absolved everything.

We have a beast to starve. I hear cat food is an acquired taste.