Sunday, October 30, 2005

Republican Leadership

What do you get when Republicans control both houses of Congress, the White House, a good chunk of the judiciary? First, you get no plan:
The US government had "no comprehensive policy or regulatory guidelines" in place for staffing the management of postwar Iraq, according to the top government watchdog overseeing the country's reconstruction.


The lack of planning has plagued reconstruction since the US-led invasion and has been exacerbated by a "general lack of co-ordination" between US government agencies charged with the rebuilding of Iraq, said Stuart Bowen, inspector-general for Iraq reconstruction.

Then you get cuts in programs that provide a social safety net for the working poor:
WASHINGTON - The House Agriculture Committee approved budget cuts Friday that would take food stamps away from an estimated 300,000 people and could cut off school lunches and breakfasts for 40,000 children.

The action came as the government reported that the number of people who are hungry because they can't afford to buy enough food rose to 38.2 million in 2004, an increase of 7 million in five years. The number represents nearly 12 percent of U.S. households.

The cuts, approved by the Republican-controlled committee on a party-line vote, are part of an effort by the House GOP to curb federal spending by $50 billion. The food and agriculture cuts would reduce spending by $3.7 billion, including $844 million on nutrition, $760 million on conservation and $212 million on payments to farmers.

Of course cuts for the poor and children will be offset by Republicans giving big oil subsidies because they need the help more in light of their record profits:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House Republicans recently pushed through legislation that would give more federal subsidies to the oil industry instead of trying to help U.S. consumers cope with sharply higher energy prices, the top Democrat on the House Commerce Committee said on Saturday.


On October 7, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill that would give federal insurance to oil refiners whose expansion projects are delayed by lawsuits or regulatory snags. It also put the Energy Department in charge of permits for new refinery projects as a way to speed up approvals.

The bill was approved, 212-210, after Republican leaders held a five-minute vote open for more than 40 minutes to persuade some party members to change their votes.


Their change in views came the same week that Exxon Mobil reported a $9.9 billion quarterly profit and other major oil companies also saw big increases.

With Republican leadership, you get criminal behavior from top leaders:
Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives indicted
Republican Senate Majority Leader under investigation
Presidential Advisor and Cheif of Staff for the Vice-President indicted for obstruction of justice and perjury

But wait, there's more:
You get proposals to cut Medicare and Medicade
You get a pro-torture administration
A record budget deficit
Big federal government growth
And if you act now, you get a war of choice with over 2000 dead US soldiers!

You've got to love those Republicans.