Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Q3 Numbers in IL-06

Fundraising numbers from the FEC website for October Quarterly reports:

Spent: 9331.46
On Hand: 18181.36

On-Hand: 16986.00

Raised: 52256.25
Spent: 46744.00
Cash On-Hand: 48972.59

Raised: 286302.86
Spent: 105980.96
Cash On-Hand: 549997.12

Two kind of minor surprises to me here. First, Roskam's numbers are down from his last quarter and even though he has no primary challenger to worry about he's still spent more than a third of what he raised last quarter. I wonder if he gave back any money that caame from DeLay's PAC? Second, Lindy Scott showed a surprising first quarter for someone pretty unknown in the district in his first fundraising efforts.

But overall, it seems everyone numbers are down this quarter. Archpundit provides the explanation for this:
Between the hurricane and this being a slow quarter, expect the 3rd Quarter numbers to be down overall. Those that needed a quick out of the gate number already did it, and lots of money went to charitable donations this quarter.

Sounds right to me. It's a year away from the 2006 ballot and people are on vacation in the summer not thinking about politics or they are sending their donations to Katrina victims. Cegelis is out in front for the Democrats (remember O'Malley has dropped out), but as is typical of the Republicans, they are doing their best to buy this seat by throwing money at it from large donors.