Thursday, October 20, 2005

NCLB Not Working: Duh.

I'm sure all the teachers out there reading this are now collectively saying "duh." But now there's a study out there that backs up what teachers and administrators have been saying since the start of this stupid law: standardized testing does not increase student achievement, and more standardized tests given more often don't improve upon this fact:
Reading scores among fourth- and eighth-graders showed little improvement over the past two years, and math gains were slower than in previous years, according to a study released yesterday. The disappointing results came despite a new educational testing law championed by the Bush administration as a way to improve the nation's schools.


Though the tests have been taken by fourth- and eighth-grade students about every two years since 1990, the latest NAEP scores were the first tangible testing numbers available since the implementation of No Child Left Behind -- the Bush administration's premier and controversial education initiative requiring all states to test students annually as a prerequisite for receiving federal funds.

"No one can be satisfied with these results," said Ross Wiener, policy director for the Education Trust, an advocacy organization that backed No Child. "There's been a discernible slowdown in progress since '03, at a time when we desperately need to accelerate gains. The absence of particularly bad news isn't the same as good news."

The only thing miraculous about "Texas Miracle" upon which NCLB is based is that the statistics were heavily manipulated in Enron accounting fashion. Now that Bush has pushed this fraud based unfunded mandate upon the nation's schools, we find that not only does it place a financial burden on local school districts, but research doesn't show any validity to this moronic law's claim of improving education for our nation's students.

Once again, for all the teachers out there I have only one thing to say: Duh.