Saturday, October 22, 2005

Miers Another Brownie?

If Bush nominates someone for a job in the Federal Govenment, the first thing everyone should be asking by now should be "is this person qualified." Especially after "Brownie" did such a great job for FEMA in New Orleans, what with his great qualifications as an Arabian Horse judge and all. So when it comes to a Supreme Court nomination, we expect some Right-wing conservative friend of the family to get the nomination. But at a minimum we expect the nominee to know Constitutional law, right? Not so much:
WASHINGTON — Asked to describe the constitutional issues she had worked on during her legal career, Supreme Court nominee Harriet E. Miers had relatively little to say on the questionnaire she sent to the Senate this week.

And what she did say left many constitutional experts shaking their heads.

At one point, Miers described her service on the Dallas City Council in 1989. When the city was sued on allegations that it violated the Voting Rights Act, she said, "the council had to be sure to comply with the proportional representation requirement of the Equal Protection Clause."

But the Supreme Court repeatedly has said the Constitution's guarantee of "equal protection of the laws" does not mean that city councils or state legislatures must have the same proportion of blacks, Latinos and Asians as the voting population.

"That's a terrible answer. There is no proportional representation requirement under the equal protection clause," said New York University law professor Burt Neuborne, a voting rights expert. "If a first-year law student wrote that and submitted it in class, I would send it back and say it was unacceptable."

Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, also an expert on voting rights, said she was surprised the White House did not check Miers' questionnaire before sending it to the Senate.

"Are they trying to set her up? Any halfway competent junior lawyer could have checked the questionnaire and said it cannot go out like that. I find it shocking," she said.

Worst. President. Ever.