Monday, October 31, 2005

Democratic Zen on Alito

So Bush, in typical form, down under the weight of falling poll numbers and a scandal in the White House following a disastrous week in which he had to withdraw his nomination for the Supreme Court, has done what he always does. He caved to his Conservative Christian (read American Talaban) base. He latest nominee to the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito, is just what every Wingnut would wet themselves over: he's rabidly anti-abortion, anti-women's right, anti-civil rights, anti-anything passed into law that protects the constitutional rights of Americans. The irony of it all is that Alito is the quintessential activist judge. But for Right-Wing Conservatives, reversing decisions in this way is not revisionist at all. It's just the way they like it. Return the US of A back to a time when good ol' white boys ruled the world.

So here's my damn take on what the Democrats should do: Fight Altio by not fighting.

You heard me right. Don't fight his nomination. Don't bitch about what a terrible nominee he is. Don't cry about the sky falling and the Constitution being repealed. Don't react. Don't blink. Just smile and enjoy the sound of the Republican party stabbing one another in their respective backs.

You see boys and girls, to me, this is a no brainer. The guy is so much the perfect poster boy for the American Taliban that his nomination will pit the moderate Republicans against those to the far right of their party. No Democrat is going to vote for the guy short of suffering brain damage. We don't have a majority. The Republicans do. So this fight comes down to how many moderate Republicans, seeing their party carrying water for the fanatical religious fringe, are going to wake up and notice that the party they once belonged to is just about dead. How many of those Republicans, seeing Bush's poll numbers tank, scandal after scandal in the Republican leadership, and American dissatisfaction with Congress in general, will get with the program and try to save their political skins by distancing themselves from Bush and the extreme Alito.

Now I don't mean to imply Democrats should do nothing. They should define the difference between what Democrats stand for and what people like Alito, ergo Right-Wing Republicans, stand for. They should remind the American people that if they were in power, they'd nominate someone who sought protect the rights of women, minorities and individuals. They would nominate someone less extreme, someone more like the majority of Americans, someone less activist.

But they shouldn't cry that the sky is falling. They shouldn't go overboard on what a terrible nominee Alito is. They can't block his nomination anyway. All they can do it use the weight and force of their Republican opponents against them. Define them by defining their nominee. Then vote against his confirmation, placing the responsibility - and consequences - for his confirmation squarely upon those responsible for his potential appointment: The Radical Right of the Republican Party.