Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogger Ethics and Other Crap

So I learned today, from a post on his blog, along with everyone else, that Jerome Armstrong is hanging up his blogging until at least 2008. Seems since he was consulting with several candidates running in major Ohio races that he came under fire for some of his recent posts. Seems some idiots questioned his ethics. Seems some morons thought it would be better if the guy who founded MyDD, was the blog father to half the flipping Blogosphere, was the guy who had some of the best insights regarding Democratic politics, was better off silent.


So now, in the interest of removing any possible conflict of interest these jackasses are harping about, one of the leading bloggers on the left has censored himself, silencing his voice and leaving bloggers like me and countless others in the dark on issues where we could learn from his insight.

I'm just disgusted. I'm really tired of the "consultant" crap. Would it be better if bloggers couldn't make a living in politics, didn't associate with any campaigns, and just sat around in their cardboard boxes down by the river (next to a Starbucks for WiFi) and blogged their completely uninformed opinions?

Give me a break.

What the fuck is wrong with being a consultant? Are these people jealous or something that someone with the talent and insight that Jerome has is actually sought out by campaigns? I wish I was that lucky.

I wish I had the kind of inside contacts Jerome has made. I wish I had the kind of knowledge base he has. What, do you idiots think that isn't valuable? Do you think if he gets paid he's going to get all fat and happy and move out of his box down by the river while you sit there righteously in yours? Does his success make you feel small?

Get over it.

Being a consultant isn't selling your soul. It isn't evil. And believe it or not, you don't drink Magic Kool-Aide that makes you lose your fucking mind. There is not contract signed in blood that makes you suddenly forget what matters. I can still have an opinion about the candidates I work for, and will work more closely with candidates that resonate with my thinking. AND GUESS WHAT? By working closely with candidates I get insights on what makes them tick that are valuable to share on a blog.

I'm rambling, but this is like the Grinch who stole Fitzmas here. If anyone wants to question Jerome's ethics, then we might as well all go and hold hands and sing Kum-Bay-Ah in a little circle around the campfire outside our boxes down by the river while we free associate on the concept of "blogger ethics."