Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Stop the Blame Game

Will you silly liberals stop blaming Bush for the government's poor response to Katrina. Pointing fingers won't solve problems. It only holds people accountable. We don't have time for that now!

It wasn't his fault those stupid people didn't evacuate New Orleans. After all, Bush pleaded with the Governor of LA to order an evacuation on Wednesday. Just like the Governor did on Sunday before the storm hit.

I mean, what do you want? Bush even cut his vacation short. It was suppose to be five weeks, not four and a half. This of course shouldn't be an example followed by his other cabinet members, who remained on vacation. Hey, they have lives too you know.

But don't forget, Bush did visit the devastated city. From 1,500 feet above it in the safety of Air Force One several days after the flooding. Then when he came back yesterday, he took several fire fighters with him for a nice sight seeing photo-op.

It's not his fault he thought no one anticipated the levies breaking. How is he suppose to know? After all, he did appoint a guy who was let go from his job as an Arabian Horse judge to be the director of FEMA. And since George doesn't read, he wouldn't have read the National Geographic article a year ago about the potential disaster a category 3, 4 or 5 hurricane would cause when the levies broke in New Orleans. None of the experts he put in charge of Homeland Security should be expected to read this sort of thing, or the countless articles in major newspapers throughout the Gulf coast, either. You know it's hard to find good help.

It's not Bush's fault that FEMA wasn't prepared for a national disaster. It's not like emergency management is in their name or something. You can't blame Bush for their problems. It's not like he's in charge of who runs that giant big bad government agency. That's just big government for you. I mean, if he had gutted their budget and stuck them under the control of Homeland Security, that might be another thing. But who's got time to read the organization charts in Washington anyway?

Hell, it's not even FEMA's fault. After all, they can't just roll in and take over a national disaster like that. There is such a thing as state rights you know.

It's not Bush's fault the levies broke either. It was a natural disaster you morans. Cutting budgets for flood relief and levee projects to record lows had nothing to do with it. After all, we need tax relief. Especially those of us who make over $500,000 a year.

No, it wasn't Bush's fault. So stop you're liberal blame gaming. Bush has big problems to get to solving you commie America haters. After all, as his mom says, now that they've lost everything and been bused to Houston, everything is working out well for those poor underprivileged people even if that is a scary thought for her. Or to put it as Jon Stewart just did:
If New Orleans wasn't built in the first place, this disaster never would have happened. It's New Orleans fault."