Monday, September 05, 2005


I've been consumed lately by the accounts of utter incompetence by the federal government and the Bush administration in responding to the devastation in New Orleans. The lack of response time, Bush hob-nobbing backstage with country music stars while people drowned in New Orleans, FEMA being unaware of thousands waiting for aid at the New Orleans Convention Center when the news media was covering the situation there 24/7, the outright lies about not being able to predict such a disaster when experts were on record requesting help for just such a diaster years earlier, the cutting of funding for flood protection for New Orleans while giving taxe cuts to millionaires, and the refusing of boats, busses and water by FEMA when help on the way from other states.

But if this wasn't enough, the Republican Party lead by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist are reportedly going to demonstrate just how callous and heartless they are when congress returns on Tuesday. With tens of thousands homeless and having lost everything, Bill Frist - Republican in control of the agenda in the Senate - is going to introduce a bill to repeal the estate tax permanently.

Americans all along the gulf coast have lost their homes, their jobs, and their cities. They have nothing. And the priority of the Republican Majority leader is to see that millionaires like Paris Hilton retain their astronomical wealth so their great grand children can continue to live in the outrageous lifestyle to which Paris has become accustom to. Tens of thousands of people in New Orleans are still without water, food and shelter, and the Senate Majority leader is introducing legislation that will help millionaires like Trent Lott rebuild one of his many houses so that Bush can sit on the porch and admire the view.

I'm speechless.