Saturday, September 10, 2005

Proud of My Daughter

When my daughter was a baby, a friend gave her a talking Barney doll for Christmas. This quickly became her security object, and she went everywhere with "him." She took him to the store, to Auntie's, to the mall. There was no such thing as going to bed without Barney, as one night when he was left at Auntie's proved all too painfully.

Recently Barney has diminshed in status, overtaken by stuffed unicorns and princess dolls. But he still shared a spot among all the fuzzy stuffed unicorns on her bed that she slept with every night. Until today. Today she gave Barney away.

A friend of my wife has friends in the Gulf Coast area hit by Katrina. She was gathering donations of basicis like diapers, cleaning supplies, tooth brushes, etc. that are going to be driven to the Gulf today. My daughter wanted to help too when she heard about other little girls who lost everything in the storm. She decided she wanted some other little girl to have her once favorite stuffed toy. So she gave Barney away without being asked to at all. She just put him in the box with the soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Proud moments.