Saturday, September 10, 2005

Help Kisler Help Katrina Victims

When you think of helping victims of Katrina, you think about sending food, water, and basics. But what about helping those who survived indentify their loved ones who lost their lives? Beyond basic survival, I can't think of anything more important for these people who've lost everything than to have the type of closure this provides. Mike Kisler has just these forensic skils and he's been asked to go help, but he needs our help to get him there. From Mike:
I've been contacted by the National Funeral Director's Association. They desperately need volunteer funeral directors to help process the remains of those who perished during Hurricane Katrina (they estimate 40,000). I'm ready willing & able, as soon as I can get vacation time scheduled at work.

The work we will be doing is important to the survivors. We will be identifying remains, notifying next-of-kin, and returning any personal possessions that we recover. That way the grieving families can have at least some closure to the loss of their loved ones.

Here' s the hitch: My Funeral Director's license is currently "inactive". The process to "reactivate" it is both arduous and expensive. However, I have negotiated a deal with the IL Dept. of Professional Regulation that manages to cut through a great deal of the "Red Tape" (THANK YOU PAT QUINN!!!).

But the expenses involved are still extensive. The "reactivation" fee alone is $260. Additionally, I have to get a bunch of very expensive vaccinations before the license can be issued. Furthermore, I have to have the license before I can be considered for deployment (I will receive reciprocal license status from the State of Louisiana). Altogether, these expenses will total $800-$1,000.

I was off work for three months this summer for surgery, so my finances are pretty shaky right now. I just can't afford that kind of cash outlay on my own. But I really want to go and help. So I'm asking for your help.

Please send donations through PayPal

Or, mail them to me at:
Mike Kisler
P.O. Box 2575
Darien, IL 60561-2575

Excess contributions will go to nearby shelters who have taken in evacuees.

This is a way to help a local Democrat and good guy help the victims in a very real, and overlooked, way. Show him some love.