Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DFA-Cegelis Endorsement Helps IL Dems

If you haven't heard, Christine Cegelis made DFA's top 10 grassroots candidates list, putting here squarely in the running for the first DFA grassroots endorsement:
Democracy for America is hosting an online instant run-off vote to determine which congressional candidate will receive their first national endorsement of 2006. The vote is open to all challengers and open seat candidates. The candidate who wins the instant run-off vote will receive a DFA-List endorsement and a national e-mail from DFA's Chair Jim Dean.

Vote for Christine Cegelis here.

Voting closes on Saturday, September 24 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

So why should you vote for Cegelis at DFA rather than any of the other great candidates on the list? Besides her being someone I'm confident would be a great congressperson, she's the only candidate from Illinois on their list. For local Democrats this fact is important.

Her GOP challenger is a former DeLay and Hyde aide, and about as far right as you can get outside of Texas. Even though he is way to the right of the vast majority of the district, the GOP wants to retain Hyde's seat badly, and have already shown they mean to throw money at this race.

A race right here in Illinois.

By helping Cegelis get the DFA endorsement, attention will be focused on IL-06, and Illinois politics nationally. This will open new interest not only in the Cegelis campaign, but in Democratic groups and candidates in the area.

Democrats right here in Illinois.

Being the first grassroots candidate to earn DFA's endorsement will focus media on the race. This provides Illinois Democrats an opportunity to raise issues the Illinois GOP wants to keep quiet. Media focus local Democrats can use to highlight their positive agenda, and Roskam's right-wing agenda.

Media focus right here in Illinois.

But we all know Politics and money go together. A DFA endorsement will open fundraising sources and donors to Cegelis and other Democrats running in this area. As Emily's list says: "Early money is like yeast." Start the funds flowing early, and they will flow beyond the Cegelis campaign as the Democratic presence in the area continues to grow and become energized.

Energized Democrats right here in Illinois.

And finally, the race is winnable. This is a potential take away for Democrats. This story line alone will create a media frenzy in the area. Christine received 44% of the vote against a legendary Henry Hyde - his career low. With a well funded challenger this time around, IL-06 turns into a real pick up opportunity for Democrats.

A Democratic pick-up... right here in Illinois.

So help Cegelis earn the DFA nomination and help Illinois Democrats in the process. Go to DFA now and VOTE FOR CEGELIS!