Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Who Would Jesus Assassinate

I wish I could claim credit for the title of this post, but I can't. You've got to read Madman in the Marketplace's great post where in he clues in all those in the Democratic Party on why people in the Blogosphere question their ability to ever beat the GOP:
The blogs are talking about Pat Robertson's un-Christ like call for assassination today. (A search on Technorati brings up nearly 50K posts discussing "Pat Robertson" today). The media is covering it.

So where are the Democrats on this statement, a day after he said it?

Yup, the sound of our little friends the crickets is all you hear.

Al Sharpton on Hardball is the only Democrat I've seen respond to this gift from one of the leaders of America's Taliban. He rightly pointed out that Robertson was speaking like a terrorist. That's it. Rev. Al is the only one.

How can this party ever launch an effective comeback when it can't even respond to political opportunities like this? The Republicans strike back swift and loud when a Democratic leader, or even any liberal celebrity or writer, says anything even remotely objectionable. Hell, they yell louder when what the Democrat says is true (cf nearly anything Howard Dean says).

One of the leaders of the Religious Right (aka American Taliban) and a huge supporter of Bush calls for the assassination of the a world leader and the Democrats don't even respond? Sigh.