Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lincoln vs. Bush

Oh, how the GOP have fallen. Once the party of Lincoln, the Republicans have disgraced the first of their party to ever win the presidency over and over. Bush is no exception in his stark contrast to Lincoln's example of what the Republicans used to represent. Bill Felmlee sums it up in his great post at MyDD:
There is extensive documentation of Lincoln visiting battlefield hospitals in Virginia and Maryland.  No doubt, he saw first hand the immediate consequences of warfare.  I do not believe that Bush could stomach what Lincoln saw.

If Lincoln repeatedly subjected himself to the smell of death, then why can't Bush at least visit a grieving mother?

Bush is a pampered rich kid who grew up in the prep school environment of the East coast. He can't meet with soldiers injured due his his false machismo, let alone a grieving parent. That man has never cleaned up, let alone took notice, of a mess he's created in his whole life. Why would he start now? He's got to get on with his life, after all.

Read Bill's post. Through Lincoln's example, we learn just how pathetic our Commander in Chief is.