Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dear Mr. Blitzer (and other pundits)

So I'm watching Wolf Blitzer interrupt Viet Nam war veteran and former senator Max Cleland, who being a veteran of similar war, can draw the comparisons to Iraq quiet nicely. But Wolf keeps asking what Democrats think military strategy should be and how Democrats would handle Iraq. Democrats criticize the president, he notes, but what would they do differently?

First, lets get something straight. Bush is the Commander in Chief. The Republicans control Congress. I don't give a crap what the Democrats would do. Democrats can't do squat about our military and foreign policy. They are not in control of the country, the direction of which is now being set by the Republicans.

Second, since Republicans are in control, why isn't anyone asking them these question? "Stay the course" and "demonstrate our resolve" is not a plan, nor an exit strategy. They are cute catch phrases that say nothing. Comparing Bush to Bill Clinton (who hasn't held office in 5 years) and saying the minority party isn't providing a plan or leadership in Iraq is a line of crap. The GOP is in the leadership role now, not Democrats past or present.

Let's get a few things straight Mr. Blitzer and all you other pundits cheer leaders for Bush et al: Democrats are not going to bail out the Republicans here. Iraq is a Republican sponsored course to stay, not a Democratic one. The Bush administration and the Republican cheerleaders got us into this war based on their insistence of WMD and a threat to this country. It is their mess to clean up. They are the ones that should be held accountable. They are the ones who need to come up with a plan, three years late. They are the ones that need to provide an exit strategy.

Democrats can propose away and it will go no where as they do not hold power. Bush is the Commander in Chief , not Bill Clinton. Republicans chair the committees in Congress, not Democrats. Tom Delay, a Republican, sets the agenda in the House. Bill Frist, a Republican, sets the agenda in the Senate. They set the nation's policy, not the Democrats.

So let's hear what the Republicans will do. If all they can say is "stay the course" then lets have them define what the course is. We've turned so many corners and seen so many reasons Bush took us to war in Iraq that I don't have a clue what the course is we are staying anymore. How are the Republicans going to get our troops out of Iraq? When are they going to bring the troops home? Months? Years? Decades? Let's ask the Republican leaders what is the noble cause our troops are over there dying for? Then let's ask the Republican leaders why this cause has turned so many corners and changes so many times.

Let's stop asking Democrats who highlight this administrations catastrophic failures in Iraq what they would do. They can do nothing beyond highlighting the failure of the Republicans in charge to come up with a plan.