Monday, August 22, 2005

#43 at 36%

Bush must be feeling the heat. Today he actually noted he could count. All the way to 1,864:
From the beaches of Normandy to the snows of Korea, courageous Americans gave their lives so others could live in freedom. Since the morning of September the 11th, we have known that the war on terror would require great sacrifice, as well. We have lost 1,864 members of our Armed Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and 223 in Operation Enduring Freedom.

I like the way he slips in the comparison of his invaision of Iraq with the fight to stop Hitler and Communism, even slipping in a 9-11 reference to boot. Double-bonus points for George.

Too bad people are starting to get wise to junior however:
George W. Bush's overall job approval ratings have dropped from a month ago even as Americans who approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president are turning more optimistic about their personal financial situations according to the latest survey from the American Research Group. Among all Americans, 36% approve of the way Bush is handling his job as president and 58% disapprove. When it comes to Bush's handling of the economy, 33% approve and 62% disapprove.

Just for reference: Nixon has similar numbers by this time in his second term. No wonder George learned to count. Let's see what approval rating drives him to finally attend a funeral.