Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wilson, Plame, and GOP Lies

So now that Rove seems up to his eyeballs in trouble for revealing that Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, was a covert CIA agent, the GOP is spinning like crazy trying to discredit the story. As always, one of their favorite methods is to tar the people who they've caused the most damage to. In this case, the Republicans designated point men are trying to spin in the media that Valerie Plame wasn't a covert CIA agent with a front company, overseas contacts, and a diplomatic passport, but instead a desk jockey shuffling papers. No one is going to execute a desk jockey.

Once again, lies. From TPM we hear from Larry Johnson, a retired CIA officer who was a classmate of Valerie Plame's when both entered the CIA in the mid 1980's:
Valerie Plame was a classmate of mine from the day she started with the CIA.  I entered on duty at the CIA in September 1985.  All of my classmates were undercover--in other words, we told our family and friends that we were working for other overt U.S. Government agencies.  We had official cover.  That means we had a black passport--i.e., a diplomatic passport.  If we were caught overseas engaged in espionage activity the black passport was a get out of jail free card.

A few of my classmates, and Valerie was one of these, became a non-official cover officer.  That meant she agreed to operate overseas without the protection of a diplomatic passport.  If caught in that status she would have been executed.

The lies by people like Victoria Toensing, Representative Peter King, and P. J. O'Rourke insist that Valerie was nothing, just a desk jockey.  Yet, until Robert Novak betraayed her she was still undercover and the company that was her front was still a secret to the world.  When Novak outed Valerie he also compromised her company and every individual overseas who had been in contact with that company and with her.

The Republicans are all about national security. Unless you don't carry water for them as Joe Wilson refused to when he told the truth that Iraq wasn't trying to get yellow cake from Niger. Then your wife is "fair game" even if she's CIA-NOC patriotically risking her life to gain information on real honest to goodness WMD's that do exist in the world in places other than Iraq.

How very patriotic of them.