Friday, July 08, 2005


Unless you've been under a rock, you are aware that terrorists struck London yesterday and have killed at least 50 people in four separate bomb blasts. Ordinary everyday people on their way to work, sight seeing, going about life; people like you and me. Not soldiers. Not government officials. Not armed or fighting in anyway. Just people. Moms. Dads. Brothers. Sisters. Children. Now gone.

At dKos there is a diary covering the Right's reaction to this. Theirs is the typical reaction I'd expect from the Right. Liberals are to blame. The rag-heads are sub-human. The typical fare. But this comment from Little Green Footballs, a leading Republican Right blog, left me stunned:
"Martyring Muslims doesn't seem to make much of a difference to the fanatics. What is needed is to take their human capital out their hands - their children. No more warped children, no more jihadis."

Kill their children. No man. No problem. I'm sitting here, still digesting this in disbelief. Kill children? Kill innocent children just because they are a different religion, race or from another country we see as beneath our right as Americans to live at a standard which the majority of the world will never come close to achieving. So we can waste energy, waste the environment, and waste our minds on reality TV. For this, children should die?

How exactly will this stop terrorism? How exactly will this stop the senseless killing of innocent people? By killing children? The people who write such revolting garbage are as nuts, or more so, than the terrorists who created the bombs exploded in London. Kill a man's child and watch him exist to aide anyone who will kill his child's killers. Do they think any parent would react any differently? Do they think Muslims love their children any less than Christians?

But no. This is the Bush doctrine. Get them before they get you. Fear difference. You're with us or against us. This is a Christian God fearing country, and God's on our side. Might makes right. The ends justify the means. Preemption. Killing children. How can anyone believe this?

What's wrong with this nation? This isn't America. We're not suppose to torture people. We're not suppose to arrest people and hold them indefinitely without a lawyer, a charge and a trial. And by God we're not suppose to kill children or even consider it as a means to an end.

Bush has changed this nation. His administration and foreign policy have cost us dearly. They have turned neighbor against neighbor and divided our nation. His "war on terror" is a myth. It is no more winnable than a war on poverty, illiteracy, or the common cold. Anyone could put a bomb in a briefcase and blow up a train or a bus. There is no preventing it by force no matter how many billions we spend on our military or homeland defense. There is no preventing it especially by killing innocent civilians in a war of aggression. Especially by viewing killing anyone's children as acceptable. This is how to win the war on terror?