Saturday, July 23, 2005

Remember Who's In Control

I haven't blogged in a while because I'm just overwhelmed. The Bush administration and Republicans have so many ties to so many things going wrong that my head is spinning. Rove outting a CIA agent. Abu Gharib photos part II. The "look over here" appointment of Roberts. Bush's poll numbers continual race to the bottom. Downing Street Memos. Terrorism on the rise in London and Egypt. Iraq turning yet another corner on the way to a democracy that looks more like a civil war.

Yet in all of this the one consistent thread is Bush and his helpers ducking responsibility. Anyone involved in leaking information would be fired. Unless it was one of his administration, then they have to be found guilty of a crime. In the Bush ownership society, consequences are for those without power. They don't apply to any of Bush's friends or political allies.

And through all this, the Republicans continue to defend this administration. We have soldiers sodomizing children and raping women - and being photographed doing it - and Bush and his administration are suppressing the photographs to protect "national security." Bush is threatening to veto any defense spending bill that includes provisions to investigate such crimes. And even though the International Red Cross has documented these crimes as widespread, the Bush administration continues to claim they were not sanctioned, but just a few bad apples. Once or twice this story would be believable, but the boy George and his keepers are crying wolf a wee bit too often.

Let's remember this: In an ownership society the consequences of actions taken by the government are the result of the majority party's policy. The majority party in control of the House, the Senate, the office of the President, and soon the the Courts, are all Republicans. Republicans control the legislative agenda. Republicans chair the committees that send laws and nominees to the floor for a vote. Republicans control what happens legislatively. They can call the Democrats "obstructionist" and without any agenda, but in the end of the day it is the Republicans with the ability to pass any law they want due to their significant majority in the House and Senate. And it is the Republican party that has veto power through President Bush. There is nothing the Democrats can do but slow the Republican agenda down and force moral victories hard fought though losing battles.

It is the Republicans who own this economy. It is the Republicans who own this war and the deaths of nearly 1,800 Americans and tens of thousands of innocent civilians. It is the Republicans and their war on terror who own the steep rise in terrorism world wide. It is the Republicans who own the corruption in the House, the Senate and the office of the President. It is the Republicans who have stretched our military to the breaking point, and attempted to cut benefits for veterans and service members at the same time. It is the Republicans who own "enemy combatants" and the indefinite imprisonment without charge, lawyer or trial that goes with that legal creation. It is the Republicans who own the highest number of bankruptcies, persons living in poverty, and foreclosures in our nation's history. It is the Republicans who outed a CIA agent for political gain, then moved the goal posts on removing persons involved from their positions in the Bush administration.

Let's not forget the Republicans are the ones in control.