Friday, July 15, 2005

Culture of Corruption

So if a federal employee with security clearance access to classified information took classified information gained with said security clearance and disclosed it to someone without authorization or security clearance, should such a person be allowed to keep their security clearance? Wouldn't they be a threat to our national security? Shouldn't they lose their right to access information so sensitive it requires a security clearance in the first place?

Republicans don't think so. They think such a person should be allowed to keep their security clearance. Case in point, The Reid Amendment:
Statement of Purpose:
To prohibit Federal employees who disclose classified information to persons not authorized to receive such information from holding a security clearance.

Sound simple enough. Give out classified information and lose your security clearance. So how did this amendment do? It was rejected 53 to 44. How many Republicans voted for removing security clearance from someone who gives away classified information to those not authorized to see it? None. Not one.

All 53 Republican senators voted against this. In the GOP ownership society there is no ownership, no consequences, no penalty for those in power, especially if they are a Republican.