Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bean Votes with GOP Again!

So CAFTA passed the house 217- 215. It passed despite the opposition from traditional Democratic bases of support like organized labor and civil rights organizations. It passed because several Democrats defected and voted for passage offsetting Republican defections against it. And once again, those of us in Illinois were treated to Melissa Bean, Democrat from IL-08, being one of those voting with the Republicans.

Now if this were just an off-hand occasion of voting with the Republicans it wouldn't be so bad. If this vote wasn't so close it wouldn't be so bad. If this vote was so important to the Republicans it wouldn't be so bad. But sadly, this vote was just another example of Bean voting with the Republicans on matters important to her Democratic base.

Bean voted with the Republicans to grandstand and intrude in personal family decisions in the Schiavo case. She voted to help Paris Hilton and the Republican base on the estate tax bill. She voted to screw over working people in favor of the credit card industry on the bankruptcy bill. She voted to support the Republican agenda on the flag-burning amendment. She voted to get tough on terrorism by eliminating civil rights by supporting the Republican PATRIOT Act renewal. And now she's putting business interests ahead of workers rights, abandoning the support given her by organized labor, by supporting CAFTA.

On all these key pieces of legislation she's voted to support the Republican and corporate agenda. That's not what a Democrat does. Especially a Democrat who won with just 52% of the vote. A Democrat who needs her base to get re-elected.

This seems to me another case of a DINO running on the platform of "Hey, if you don't vote for me (regardless of what I do), then the Republican will win." Essentially, a giant "screw you" to the Democratic voters who put her in the position she now holds.

What's the difference between a Democrat who votes consistently to support the Republican agenda and a Republican? A Republican victory waiting to happen.