Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Why Don't We Trust the Media?

I remember when I was still playing guitar and performing as a solo act, I did a lot of press releases and had regular interaction with the press. I remember getting stories in the local paper and a couple in the major daily papers where I lived. I also remember every story containing at least one misquote, one misstatement, and several factual errors. Atrios notes the treatment by "major" media is no different for him:
Not to get meta, but god I get annoyed every time my name pops up:
Duncan Black _ who founded the www.atrios.blogspot.com blog _ featured a headline Monday on his Web site, "Bite me, Congressman," that linked to a diatribe against a Republican House committee chairman over global warming.

First, it wasn't the headline, it was the content of the post. Second, it didn't link to a diatribe it linked to this rather non-diatribe like post by Chris Mooney. Third, it wasn't "over global warming" it was over a member of congress sending an intimidating letter to a scientist.

So we start off with a factual error, then a misquote, then a misstatement. Small world.