Monday, June 06, 2005

"What Are Jenna and Barbara Doing this Summer?"

America is wising up to Bush and his chickenhawk "war without sacrafice" lie. Recruitment is down and those most supportive of the war aren't enlisting. No one is surprised. They are Chickenhawks after all. From the New York Times LTE:
The obvious question between the lines of "Growing Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents" (front page, June 3) is, Where do our leaders in Washington stand on this issue? They are parents, too, and they overwhelmingly support the war in Iraq. Are they encouraging their children to enlist?

When President Bush stands in the Rose Garden extolling the virtues of the war in Iraq, I wonder: What are Jenna and Barbara doing this summer? The disturbing reality is that the children of the men who decided to take our country to war are pursuing the cushy, safe jobs of the elite while other people's children are fighting and dying.

Isn't leadership more than mere words?

Barbara Ash
Weston, Conn., June 3, 2005


After two decades of enlisted and commissioned Army service, on active duty and in the Reserve (including a year in Iraq), I have but one response to parents who resist attempts to recruit their children into the armed forces: "Well done."

The most common refrain heard in the Army is, "My recruiter lied to me." Self-deprecating and a bit of an inside joke, it remains a phrase nearly everyone in the Army can relate to.

Travel, adventure, high-tech equipment. Cargo planes with no seats, weeks without hot showers, latrines scrubbed with tin buckets and wooden brushes. My recruiter lied to me!

Russell Burgos
Thousand Oaks, Calif., June 3, 2005

Here's a common refrain we should all start hearing shortly if Iraq keeps going to hell and our military continues to be gutted: My President lied to me!