Friday, June 10, 2005

These People Are Evil

Boy, what was Dean thinking when he said Republicans are "pretty much a white, Christian party?" Maybe he was talking about this lady quoted in a story in Ohio:
"We love the President. He's a Christian and these people are evil,'' said Ms. Brandon, referring to the protesters. "I have plenty of military background in my family and all of us love the President. I wish we had a flag to wave."

If only she had a flag to wrap herself in she could call them evil and not patriotic too! Let's review why those supposedly evil and non-Christian protestors that Ms. Brandon is referring to are out there. The President, who took us into a war that 57% of American now believe wasn't worth it, which according to the Downing Street Memo is based on lies, and under who's leadership 1,600 Americans have been killed, turns out have received $100,000 in campaign contributions from Toledo-area coin dealer and Republican fund-raiser Tom Noe. The same Tom Noe who created the state-funded rare-cond fund that happens to be missing $10 million to $12 million. The "Coingate" scadal that is widening its implications for the Ohio Republican party, yet Mr. Bush sees fit to only return $4,000 of the $100,000 that his "pioneer" fund raiser Mr. Noe seems to have stolen from his highly unusual state-funded rare-coin fund.

But Bush is swell and these protestors are obviously not Christians and therefore evil. The Republican party is so inclusive that anyone who disagrees with them is labeled evil. What was Dean thinking?