Sunday, June 12, 2005

Republicans: 1.2% Minority Representation

Boy, the talking heads on the Sunday Funnies are determined to demonize Dean's comment about the Republican Party being a "pretty much a white, Christian party" just because he dared mention this White Elephant about their party. Never mind his point or the truth of it. How dare he say the Emperor has no clothes! The depth to which the Republican Party is naked on this issue is pointed out by William Rivers Pitt, at Truthout. I thought Dean was correct from the start. But I didn't know he was this correct:
Of 3,643 Republicans serving in state legislatures across the country, only 44 of them are minorities, amounting to 1.2%. Texas, with a minority population of 47%, has 106 Republicans in the state legislature. There are exactly zero African Americans and exactly zero Hispanics serving in that body as Republicans. In Washington, 274 of the 535 elected Senators and Representatives are Republican. Exactly five are minorities.

Of course, there are ethnic and religious minorities within the rank and file of the GOP, but every demographic analysis of the party’s makeup clearly shows the vast majority of Republicans fit exactly into the description offered by Mr. Dean. His point, by the way, was not that white Christians are bad people. His point was that, in this pluralist society made up of so much diversity, the Republican Party does not represent the true face of this country.

Let's get this straight everyone: 98.8% of the Republican Party state representation is white. Why aren't the talking heads discussing the hypocracy of this simple fact? Even more confounding to me, why aren't the Democrats backing Dean up by citing these numbers? You want minorities to doubt the Republican Party, tell them that they only have 1.2% representation in within its ranks.

It's time we stopped worrying about offending people, and told them the truth. The Emporer and his party have no clothes.