Friday, June 10, 2005

The Party of White Elephants

Markos asks why all the outrage over Dean's comments calling Republicans a party that is "primarily white, Christian." Here's my explanation from the comments:

Good social graces demand that one not speak about the "unspeakable" truths in people's lives. I believe the higher up the social ladder, the stronger this truth becomes.

Hence when Dean, or anyone else, dares talks about the Republicans' room full of White Elephants such as their party being primarily white, their agenda being one of a radical Christian making, and their policies being those based primarily on deceit and lies, they are chastised for breaking socially acceptable norms.

It's a phenomenon we've all witnessed all our lives. The one who complains is labeled the "disgruntled employee" even if the complaints are valid. The referee throws the flag when a player finally reacts to another's cheap shots. Mom yells at the kid who hits his brother back.

The centrist Democrats seem to subscribe to the same social contract that the GOP does. Hence, when it is broken, rather than realize the opportunity to hammer the truth of the White Elephant home, they feel obliged to be apologetic towards the offended party. And the Republicans have being offended down.

The Democrats should take a page out of the GOP book and feign all kinds of outrage that Republicans would be upset at being called a party that is "primarily white, Christian." They should do what the Republicans do, and press the issue. They should dare the Republicans to prove they are not a party that is "primarily white, Christian." They should hammer this home each and every press interview they get.

But Howard Dean is a threat to the power base of the centrist Democrats, so they won't. He's building up the state parties, and making many allies along the way. If he is successful in 2006, their power will be lessened.

If we learned anything in the primaries, we learned that the centrists would rather keep what power they have, then beat the Republicans and lose their powerbase.

My two cents.