Sunday, June 26, 2005

"A Fundraiser for Haliburton"

So Bush and Cheney and the rest say everything is going great in Iraq and the insurgency is in its "final throws." The majority of Americans disagree. But what do troops who are there think? Here is one's opinion:
The leadership says we're winning the war, that Hagel and others are wrong. I hate to tell you this. Mr. Hagel and Mr. Kennedy are right. We are losing. This IS a quagmire.... Almost every soldier I talk to says we're losing ... Every soldier that dies now is A NEEDLESS DEATH ... Including very conservative soldiers who are diehard Republicans ... About those who say that objections lower the morale of soldiers: We are calling our families back home and telling them... this is a fundraiser for Halliburton, KBR...."

Booman's got the links to MP3's of these actual voice mails left by troops calling home.