Saturday, June 25, 2005

Forget the Yellow Ribbon Magnet

Do you want to show your support for the troop in some real way other than some stupid yellow magnet on the back of a big ass SUV? Then try actually sending the troops things they need. From Nameless Soldier today at dKos:
There are several sites that can be used to reach soldiers who don't have family at home to support them.  Soldier's angels and Any Soldier are both good ones, and there are several more out there.  These websites are excellent because soldiers are able to register themselves and their units to recieve care packages from people who wish to send them, by unit gets 2 or 3 a week from these organizations.  Individual soldiers can also register with their email addresses if they wish to begin a relationship with an "adoptee."

I still can't believe that our soldiers have to rely on websites and donations like this. Parents buying body armor for their kids in the service is just beyond my comprehension. But that's how the Bush Administration supports the troops. We can't hold it against the soldiers in the field that their Commander in Chief is an idiot.