Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Will of the People?

So I'm watching ABC World News tonight, and they run this story on the "controversy" over violence directed at judges. I now remember why I stopped watching network news, as I know more about the subject than the "reporter" who seemed to be covering it. But what caught my attention and really pissed me off was a sound byte from one of the "woman on the street" shots of random idiots giving their opinions on things they really don't know squat about. I'm paraphrasing from memory as ABC doesn't have it up on their site, but it went something like this:
"How arrogant are those judges to think that they can interpret laws as they do in direct opposition to the will of the people!"
I have only one statement for this person (besides you're an idiot): Judges are there to interpret LAWS to PROTECT the minority from THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. It's called the RULE OF LAW as opposed to MOB RULE. If judges who, I might point out, are experts in the constitution and the application of law, followed the rule of of the people then we wouldn't need the courts. Vigilante justice would suffice. Lynching would still be in effect. Segregated schools would still be in effect. Women and minorities would still be second class citizens. Corporations would get away with anything they wanted. Corruption would run rampant. And the 'good ol' boy' society would dictate who could do what to whom.

The Rule of Law is what this idiot, and every other idiot crying about "activist judges" doesn't seem to understand. Judges are there to enforce the Rule of Law, not public opinion. They are there, unaccountable, so they can rule on law independently of public opinion. We are a country founded on the Rule of Law, with many barriers put in place by the Founders to make certain that idiots like this lady, who's half baked opinion hatched on probably a whole 30 seconds of reflection and based on no actual knowledge of the law, let alone the Constitution, can't undermine, adulterate, influence, bastardize, compromise, re-write, or sway the courts to the will of the mob.

Since we all know the joke about opinions, I might as well offer mine in response: The real cause of violence against judges to me stems from people's fundamental ignorance their responsibility as a member of a Democracy, and the utter stupidity of people to be so willing to be led by the nose like sheep to the slaughter as they unquestioningly parrot the GOP talking points they hear from people like Frist, DeLay, Hannity or Limbaugh as they merrily drive their big ass SUV home from their job so they can hurry up and sit in front of the TV in their huge McMansion and watch mindless sit-coms all night long, yet dare to complain about "activist judges" whose cases and rulings they know squat about.