Thursday, May 19, 2005

Support the Troops: Join Up

Lately I've been seeing a lot of those yellow ribbon "we support our troops" stickers. With all the reports lately of the military failing to meet recruitment quotas, it's dawned on me and many others that if these GOP "patriots" really believed in Bush's war, they should back up their little yellow magnets by joining the military themselves, or encouraging their sons and daughters to join up. Well, to put this into direct action, below I give you part of this must read diary from dKos written by a person who ought to know what it's like. You see, the author, Soonergrunt, has been to Iraq, and his friend Ritchie is in mid-tour of duty over there. It seems they ran into some brave Wingnut Republicans shooting their mouths off while waiting to see Star Wars:
One conversation in particular caught our attention, and we listened to it intently.  A gentleman of about mid-twenties or so was holding forth on the 'war on terror,' democrats, Jane Fonda, and so on.  His listeners appeared to be the same age range as he.  "We need to kick these raghead murderers out of the country...kill them wherever we find them...expand Israel all the way to the persian gulf and make Saudi Arabia a subsidiary of Exxon..." His listeners, two of whom were wearing 'OU Young Republicans' t-shirts, were nodding their heads and making generally approving comments.

My friend just shook his head and muttered, loud enough for them to hear "fucking ignorant assholes."


"They're attacking mainly Iraqis now," said one.  "They're afraid to come out and fight us" she said.

"Three things," said Richie, "one, attacking Iraqis is a great way to start a civil war-that's a lovely thought-a three-way civil war with us in the middle, and two," he said, "they're attacking us more than enough as it is, thank you, and three," he asked, "are you in the military?"

"No, but I support the troops and our Commander in Chief," she replied.  

"Then what's this 'WE' shit?  It's not your ass over there getting IED'ed and RPG'ed and shot at and mortared, so who the fuck are you to talk about 'we'?"  

"Come on, I'm sure the young republicans here all have yellow ribbon magnets on the SUVs their daddies bought them-go easy, man.  They support us," I said.


"Well, with attitudes like yours, we won't win," one of them said.

"Then why don't you join up so you can go over there and show us how it's done?" asked Richie.  They looked away.  "That's what I thought," he said, "so why don't you all shut your fucking yaps since you don't even believe in your own shit enough to stand up for it?"
Brave fighting Wingnuts. "We support our troops!" Right. As long as someone else is doing the fighting and they are safe to drive their big ass SUV's between their McMansion and the gas station.